The TV Shield 52-55 TV Protec
The TV Shield 52-55 TV Protec
The TV Shield 52-55 TV Protec
The TV Shield 52-55 TV Protec
The TV Shield 52-55 TV Protec
The TV Shield 52-55 TV Protec

The TV Shield 60-65" (0 fan) anti-glare

$2,058.97 CAD $1,939.97 CAD SAVE $119.00 CAD

  • Size : 60" to 65" 
  • Residential series
  • Orientation : Horizontal
  • Anti-Glare front panel
  • No fan

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Total price:$2,358.92 $2,181.92

The TV Shield 60-65" (0 fan) anti-glare

The TV Shield 60-65" Weatherproof TV Enclosure « Most 65” TV's Fit, Compare TV to Enclosure Specs »

The TV Shield is an affordable solution for protecting your TV from rain, dust, moisture, heat, cold, bugs, birds and more. This is our lowest priced unit and easily opens for frequent direct viewing.

The TV Shield is a patented, universal, weatherproof, and secure TV enclosure designed for use with just about any standard Plasma, LCD, or LED flat screen television, invented with the residential consumer market in mind. Ideal for both outdoor TV protection and indoor digital signage defense, The TV Shield’s front panel easily props open for an optional direct view of your TV, allowing you to watch, protect, and secure most TVs in nearly any residential or commercial environment.

The TV Shield is the leading affordable alternative to an expensive outdoor TV (that doesn't provide impact/theft/vandalism resistance), and the industry leader in indoor, and weatherproof outdoor TV cabinet solutions. The unit is manufactured in the USA using a HMWPE (High Molecular-Weight Polyethylene) plastic case which is an outdoor plastic proven to last 20 years or more (used in outdoor children’s slides and body armor).

The unit also features a guaranteed not to crack, thick, shatterproof front shield built with ultra-clear grade Lexan® polycarbonate (the same material used in bullet proof glass, race car, and spacecraft windshields), which was exhaustively researched and ultimately chosen as it is not shatter-resistant, but shatterproof, unlike the cheaper safety glass used in other protective TV cabinet options. The TV Shield affordable weatherproof outdoor TV enclosure is the leading outdoor & indoor TV enclosure for any 19-to-65-inch flat screen television (US Patent Number 9235232). The TV Shield is secured with two metal chambered and keyed locks which prevent theft, tampering and vandalism of your television.

Our customers favor The TV Shield for TV protection over other TV cabinets and expensive outdoor TVs due to its low cost, install friendly design, durability, water-resistance and security. Grab an outdoor TV enclosure today for your patio by the pool, the porch, your balcony, your hot tub (even during winter season) or even your business.


  • Internal mounting system provides additional rigidity, reduces installation time and requires no drilling
  • Entire rainproof unit is sealed to defend TV against moisture intrusion and water damage, using our ExactSeal sealing system
  • 3 Year Warranty for Guaranteed Peace of Mind
  • Protection equal to IP-55
  • Highly Durable HMWPE Back Housing
  • Two Filtered Louvered Vents that Prevent Heat Buildup and Water/Bug Intrusion
  • Fastened Shatterproof Ultra Clear Lexan® Polycarbonate Front Shield (Anti-glare option included)
  • Hinged Front Panel Easily Opens with Prop Arms for Direct Viewing
  • Dual Chambered Key Lock System for Optimum Protection
  • ExactSeal Sealing System for Supreme Water Intrusion Prevention
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Universal design - Works with any standard VESA mount
  • The TV Shield is a unique and patented design

Recommandation (Anti-glare)

For best viewing results, place the display an inch or less from the anti-glare front shield. Please note that anti-glare front shields will significantly reduce the appearance of sun glare on the screen, however, anti-glare coating by nature does have a matte finish that may slightly cause the clarity of the image to not quite be as high as the image on the actual TV screen.

Other things you should know

Please note this enclosure requires a separate external mount for installation.

This protective TV case is not designed to be water-submerged.

Thermostatic fans that click on at 31.1 Celcius degrees and off at 25.6 Celcius degrees are available for all enclosures and included with some models and kits.

Thermostatic heater for the winter season or cold environment is also available (turns on on at 5 Celcius degrees and off at 8.33 Celcius degrees. Tested in Alaska.

Graffiti like spray paint can be washed off of the screen with special removal spray, and dry-erase markers are usable on the front panel.


Maximum Inside dimensions

(Please measure the outside dimensions of your TV or Display, or the planned TV, and compare to the inside dimensions listed).

  • Width : 59,75" (151.765 cm)
  • Height : 36,35" (92.329 cm)
  • Depth : 4,10" (10.414 cm)

Product dimensions

  • Width : 64,40" (163.576 cm)
  • Height : 41,10" (104.394 cm)
  • Depth : 6,90" (17.526 cm)
  • Weight : 67 lbs (30.3907 kg)

Shipping dimensions

  • Width : 67,00" (170.18 cm)
  • Height : 42,00" (106.68 cm)
  • Depth : 8,00" (20.32 cm)
  • Weight : 70 lbs (31.7515 kg)


  • Three (3) year limited warranty on housing.
  • Two (2) year limited warranty on polycarbonate front cover/shield.
  • One (1) year limited warranty on product failure or QC defect.