The TV Shield E-Series



Residential Series - Indoor/Outdoor | 36" to 65"
The TV Shield E-Series is a cost efficient yet robust alternative to an expensive outdoor TV and offers much higher protection than purchasing an outdoor TV cover made from fabric. This affordable, sturdy, and versatile outdoor electronics cabinet and protective enclosure provides effective rain, wind, UV, and vandal resistance, preventing TV damage and protecting any other hardware or contents it houses.
Used to protect TVs, digital displays, Apple TV, Roku or other streaming video players, monitors, modems, mini pcs, cables, and more, the front panel is removable to provide access to any interior content, the TV, and a full-motion mount. The included full-motion interior mount provides the ability to adjust for different seating areas, provides easy access to the back of the TV, and offers perfect viewing no matter how surrounding lighting conditions change.
The ultimate outdoor tv cover

Budget-Friendly Outdoor TV Enclosure

When the TV is in use, hooks at the bottom of The TV Shield E-Series weatherproof TV enclosure hold the front panel easily so there is no need to store the front panel somewhere else. When the TV is not in use, the heavy-duty latches keep the front panel tightly in place, so the enclosure provides complete protection from outdoor elements. In addition, The TV Shield E-Series padlock holes are designed to protect the TV from theft (simply add your own preferred external locks).
The TV Shield E-Series is an excellent solution for using your TV outdoors and turning your outdoor living area into an outdoor home theater. This weatherproof TV enclosure provides effective protection against outdoor elements and theft, allowing you to enjoy your favorite entertainment while lounging in your backyard. Its versatility, affordability, and robustness make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor living experience.
The TV Shield E-Series

Choose your TV size

36" to 43"
44" to 55"
58" to 65"



The TV Shield E-Series is an affordable and durable weatherproof enclosure that protects your TV from outdoor elements like rain, wind, and UV rays. It provides an excellent solution for using your TV outdoors without worrying about potential damage.
  • 3 available sizes

    36" to 65”
  • 2 Year Warranty

    Guaranteed Peace of Mind
  • Direct Viewing

    Front cover lifts off easily
  • Optimal TV placement

    Includes Full Motion Swivel Mount
  • Durable

    Made of durable ABS plastic with ASA coating for long term and effective strength plus superior UV blocking technology.
  • Protective Drip Edges

    Extra defense drip edges direct water away from enclosure.
  • Rust-Proof Components

    All hardware & components are stainless steel or powder coated for ultimate durability against harsh threats like saltwater air.
  • Anti-Theft

    The TV Shield E-Series anti-tamper holes are designed to protect the TV from theft or tampering (offers versatility - pair with your preferred external locks).
  • Waterproof Cable Pass-Throughs

    All cable pass-through systems are protected against water intrusion.
  • Hassle-Free Assembly

    Easy assembly and installation.
  • Ample Interior Space

    Provides interior space for installation & protection of cable boxes, media players, amplifiers, etc.
  • No External Mount Needed

    Flush mounts straight to the wall.
  • Unique Design

    The TV Shield E-Series is a unique design.