Cleaning guide

Prior to commencing the enclosure installation, we strongly recommend carefully reviewing the cleaning guidelines outlined both in the manual and on this website. These instructions are crucial for ensuring a smooth and effective installation process. Your attention to the cleaning process will greatly contribute to the overall success and longevity of the installation.

See cleaning guide
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Can I use any TV or Display ?

Yes almost any standard flat screen Television or Display can fit inside The TV Shield, The Display Shield, The TV Shield PRO, The TV Shield PRO Portrait and The TV Shield PRO Lite enclosures that fit within the specifications for that enclosure. This includes LED, LCD or Plasma.

What are the differences between The TV Shield® & The Display Shield® ?

The TV Shield® is a “residential grade” enclosure at a lower price point which can open and close easily for direct viewing and listening of the TV or Display. The Lexan® Polycarbonate Shield is hinged at the top with prop arms that can be used to keep the front viewing panel or Shield in the upwards position. There are two keyed (2) locks (chambered) for security. Fans don’t come standard and can be ordered as an option.

The Display Shield® is a “commercial grade” enclosure that comes standard with security screws used all the way around the LEXAN® ultra-clear shatter resistant Polycarbonate front Shield. It cannot be opened easily nor propped up like The TV Shield®. This is perfect for those who intend to just put the TV or Display in and leave it closed, sealed and secure at all times.

What are the differences between The TV Shield Pro® & The TV Shield Pro Lite® ?

The TV Shield Pro® is a weatherproof, secure and robust outdoor display enclosure that is made in the USA and built with a combination of lightweight aluminum and steel for ultimate strength and durability. Developed for indoor & outdoor areas, The TV Shield PRO's proprietary "Quick Install" system is faster to install and maintain than other metal TV enclosures and effortlessly opens with gas shocks for easy access to the display. Beleive us, this is the real deal!

The TV Shield Pro Lite® is a sleek cost effective protective TV enclosure built using lightweight aluminum for ultimate strength and durability. Perfect for indoor TV protection or outdoor applications that need strong screen defense rather than full weather-proofing, this cover is ideal in high traffic buildings, institutional environments, schools, mental health institutions, correctional facilities and more.

Will The TV Shield & Display Shield work with different kinds of wall mounts ?

Yes, The TV Shield® & The Display Shield® are engineered to be “universal”, and is able to be used with all “standard” VESA mounting systems, up to 600×600. The TV Shield® & The Display Shield® are manufactured with pre-drilled holes (36-43 size and +) to fit your mount and configuration (this not only lets our Patent Pending TV Shield ® & The Display Shield® be “universal”, but also allows the minimum of holes or moisture entry points), using the provided instructions.

How does The TV Shield & The Display Shield mount ?

The enclosure is mounted “sandwiched” between the TV and any standard VESA TV mount, we also offer specific mounts that we have selected that are of great value and offer all the features you could want. The TV Shield and/or The Display Shield can be mounted using flat mounts, tilting mounts, tilting and articulating mounts or ceiling mounts. They can also be inset into a wall if being done during a build and planned for in advance.

About 36-43 size and +, please note that your unit will come (at no extra charge) with an internal TV mount to reduce the installation time. However, you may need an external TV wall mount to hang it on the wall (like a regular TV installation).

For 19-29 and 30-32 sizes, the enclosure is mounted “sandwiched” between the TV and the external TV wall mount. There is no internal mount provided with these and you don't need any as well.

How do the speakers sound in the enclosures ?

All TV’s are different and have varying levels of speaker systems. Most of the time you can hear just fine by simply turning your TV up than your normal listening volume if it's quiet.

However, our full enclosures (The TV Shield, The Display Shield, The TV Shield PRO, The TV Shield PRO Portrait blocks around 50-80% of the sound) and our TV Shield Pro Lite blocks around 20% of it (open back design).

The TV Shield’s polycarbonate cover can be raised on its hinge and propped open with its standard prop arms to make more effective use of the TV’s speakers. When The TV Shield® is used in the closed position, TV sound volume is reduced. Some people want to improve sound overall in any case with their TV, especially in outdoor or loud environments so the use of Outdoor Speakers is recommended, if you plan to watch in the closed position or want overall improved sound.

The Display Shield® has been designed with a semi permanently affixed front panel so in some cases external speaker systems are recommended. Again it all depends on the quality of your TV or Displays internal speaker system, the environment and intended use.

How do you get your TV to move forward inside The TV Shield / The Display Shield ?

Because of the Internal Mount provided with the purchase of any TV Shield / Display Shield (36-43 size and +), you should be fine. However, regarding our 19-29 and 30-32 enclosure sizes you can get a 2 inch Flat Screen Spacer Kit to allow you to set your TV 2" further off the back of the enclosure moving it closer to the clear front panel. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more info's.

If glare is an issue, how can it be addressed ?

There is no good answer for glare even for TV’s or expensive outdoor tv’s. We have tested many different glare reducing films and none have worked to our satisfaction. Using a glare reducing Polycarbonate Shield creates a problem for off axis viewing and makes for a blurry direct view. The best anti-glare solution that PEC has found is an overlay film made by “NuShield”. We estimates that glare is reduced by about 40%. Another solution is to make sure you mount the enclosure high and point it downward with the sun at the back of the unit. Or to use a tilting, articulating mount to adjust the angle of the TV or the viewing angle.

Are the fans useful for my application type ?

It depends. If your application is indoor (regular temperature), you should be fine without any.

However, we do strongly recommend to choose the fan option for any outdoor (during the summer time) or high temperature application. This will prevent your TV to overheat.

Is there a thermostat or auto on-off feature on the fans ?

Yes ! The fans are thermostatically controlled to turn the fans on at 31,1 Celcius degrees and off at 25,6 Celcius degrees.

What kind of material's are The TV Shield® & The Display Shield® made out of ?

We researched and tested many materials (metals, coated wood/synthetic wood products, fiberglass, and many plastics) until we found the perfect solution. The TV Shield® & The Display Shield® outdoor weatherproof and water resistant TV enclosure is crafted from a premium, flexible material because of its strong, water resistant, scratch resistant, and UV resistant properties. The housing of The TV Shield® is made from HMWP “High Molecular Weight Polyethylene”, the same material used in outdoor slides or pool slides. The front panel is made from an industry leading ¼ inch thick shatter resistant and ultra-clear LEXAN ® polycarbonate, the same material used in bullet proof glass!

Does the enclosure protect the back as well as the front of an outside TV ?

Yes, The TV Shield® & The Display Shield® are complete TV/Display enclosures and protect your TV 360°. The TV mounts inside of the outdoor TV enclosure.

How do I clean the front window of my TV/Display Shield® LEXAN® ?

Your outdoor The TV/Display Shield® will look its best when kept clean. The front and back housing can be cleaned with a mild soap and water; however the front panel is a special LEXAN® material, which will look best if you use one of our APPROVED CLEANING PRODUCTS. Contact us for more details.

* Never clean polycarbonate with paper towels / hand towels or any other cloth. They could scratch the front window. You must only use a high-quality and clean microfiber cloth, such as the one that we offer.