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Food Manufacturing Digital Display Benefits for Food Processing

Effective communication is crucial for the success of any food manufacturing facility. Given the fast-paced and competitive nature of the industry, conveying critical information to employees and stakeholders in real time is essential. Digital signage has emerged as a powerful tool in these settings, facilitating communication effectively. Solutions like LED displays and TV screens not only provide real-time information but also engage employees in ways traditional methods cannot.

Food manufacturing facilities, farms, factories, water processing facilities, and grocery stores share similar requirements for using digital signage in communication. Essential for both indoor and outdoor settings, digital signage streams advertisements, safety messages, schedules, inventory data, and more. Moreover, these businesses typically need durable digital signage solutions tailored to meet their unique demands.

Safety Improvement

In manufacturing plants and food processing facilities, ROI is most effectively gauged by improvements in safety, unlike other industries where ROI is usually calculated based on cost savings, sales enhancements, customer experience, and brand support. Safety is paramount in food processing facilities due to the significant financial benefits of a safer work environment. Digital screens in food processing can enhance workplace safety and productivity by offering consistent and engaging communications, including safety reminders and alerts.

Efficient Communication and Eco-Savings

According to Digital Signage Today, about 40 percent of workers in manufacturing plants and food processing facilities lack access to email. Consequently, these plants frequently depend on less efficient communication methods like word-of-mouth, print materials, and bulletin boards. By adopting digital signage paired with appropriate software, facilities can significantly reduce or even eliminate the reliance on these outdated methods. This shift not only leads to enhanced efficiency but also results in a reduction of environmental waste and cost savings for the facility.

Saves Time and Improves Efficiency for Workers and Operations

Floor managers in food manufacturing facilities can boost morale and promote teamwork by spending more time with their plant workers on the floor. However, their busy schedules often make this challenging. Digital displays in these facilities address this issue by allowing managers to program information to run automatically. This automation saves time and enables managers to be more present on the floor, fostering improved communication and teamwork.

Provides Real-Time Information

Food processing facilities rely on real-time information to ensure smooth operations. With multiple production lines, it's crucial for managers to have instant access to data if issues arise on any line. Digital displays provide managers with real-time updates on the status of each line, enabling quick resolution of problems, reducing downtime, and enhancing productivity. These displays can also show vital information like inventory levels, production schedules, and safety alerts in real-time. By leveraging digital displays, food processors can significantly improve operational efficiency in their facilities.

How to Protect Food Processing Digital Signage

The Display Shield is an innovative solution designed to protect digital signage in harsh environments like food processing plants. These facilities often face exposure to water, dust, and other contaminants, which can damage displays and shorten their lifespan. Specifically tested and certified to meet IP55 (IEC 65209) standards for water and dust ingress, the Display Shield offers an ideal protection solution for these challenging conditions.

In addition, for food processing plants and other washdown applications, The Display Shield can be customized to exclude vents or fans and include only one grommet, making it comparable to IP-66 standards. This customization ensures that digital displays are fully protected from water and other contaminants, thereby enhancing their durability and extending their lifespan.

With The Display Shield, food processing plants can use digital signage without concerns over damage or deterioration from harsh conditions. This innovative solution provides a secure, tamper-resistant enclosure that shields displays from water, dust, theft, and tampering, ensuring efficient and effective operation in even the most demanding environments.


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